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Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future
About Us
Delivering Water Solutions, Partnering in Reliability
We are a Borneo based water treatment company that combines innovation, sustainability, expertise, and a strong focus on value communication to provide total water solutions.
We have committed our resources and established robust supply chain to deliver water treatment service to the local customer in Borneo, and emphasizing the development of local industry-talent to ensure long-term sustainability.
We have key-customers in diverse industries such as primary metal, electronics, hospitals, palm oil mill and the food industry. Our resolute dedication is to consistently serve our existing clientele in Borneo, with the primary goal of ensuring their utmost satisfaction.
Our Core Value
Innovations in Water Treatment
Customer First
Prioritize customer’s needs and satisfaction in every decision and action.
Ensuring honesty, transparency, and accountability with our customers.
Providing reliable, consistent, and top-quality water treatment solutions.
Continually improve and stay ahead in the water treatment industry.
We prioritize safety in all aspects of our operations.
We support the growth and advancement of our team members.
Value Communication
Understanding and meeting the needs of our customers and colleagues.
Partner With Us
Our Quality Professionals
Nero Chemical has expanded beyond its initial area of expertise, focusing on digitalization and harnessing emerging disruptive technologies to enhance customer satisfaction and the efficiency of treatment plants. We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of water treatment, encompassing a diverse portfolio that includes specialty chemicals, testing and commissioning services for water treatment facilities, the integration of energy-efficient technologies, water-related laboratory analysis, and professional trainers specializing in total water management focus on cost saving and etc.
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