Wastewater Treatment

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With stringent Department of Environment (DOE) standard being applied throughout the whole industry, we work to meet and exceed the DOE standard in order to ensure a cleaner and safer environment for future generation. By being more focus on our approach and a broader portfolio  of technologies and process control. It is clear that we can find any solution to meet and exceed our client needs.  Nero’s wastewater chemistry range, includes broad range of coagulant and flocculant treatment for heavy metals, suspended solids and sludge dewatering, from industrial and municipal wastewater to meet effluent guidelines and maintain environmental compliance.

Apart from wastewater, Nero also keen to explore the feasibility to manage the solid waste generated from wastewater treatment plant and convert it to value product to achieve Cradle to Cradle objective.

Nero continuously provides intensive on-site services and support to ensure discharge compliance and plant reliability. Nero Team aims to consistently dedicate effort and support to every client to optimize costs, assure compliance, enhance safety, and promote environmental friendliness.