Water Treatment Parameters Controller

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Real-time monitoring/ measuring water key parameters to ensure on-time blow  down and reliability delivery of chemistry to your asset could maximize asset performance, improve productivity and protect asset.

Nero’s sophisticated automation could detect, determine and deliver the result help client increase performance, efficient water usage and keeping operations safe.

Nero Automation Controller Function and Benefits 
  1. Easy Access On The Go:
    Nero controller APP allow you to access your controller using your mobile phone, tablet, or computer from any location — providing crucial information at your fingertips. The APP offers water treatment specialists easier access compared to the desktop version, featuring more streamlined navigation.
  2. Live Readings:
    Monitor cooling tower readings from any device with an internet connection, anytime and anywhere.
  3. Change Settings:
    With the controller and APP, modify system settings remotely in a swift and efficient manner.
  4. Email Notifications:
    Configure alerts for alarm notifications and live readings, and have them emailed to necessary staff.
  5. Reports:
    Download and generate reports without the need to be physically present in front of your controller.