Corrosion Control Program

Improperly treated closed-loop systems can result in considerable corrosion damage and lead to unnecessary water and energy wastage.

Regular checks are essential for ensuring the appropriate treatment levels and overall system integrity of these closed-loop systems. These inspections are vital to prevent corrosion-related issues, conserve water, and optimize energy efficiency within these closed-loop systems.

In most cases, nitrate-based inhibitors are commonly used for corrosion control. However, at Nero, the solution isn't as straightforward. Our inhibitor is a unique blend of organic-based compounds designed for comprehensive corrosion control in multi-metal systems encompassing both ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgies while meeting low conductivity requirements.

We include azole compound with resistant to oxidizing degradation, it effectively controls corrosion of yellow metal compounds like Copper and Brass, offering a distinct advantage.

These proprietary features collectively serve to potentially impede microbial activity in certain applications. However, it's important to note that while our products offer benefits in this area, intermittent treatment with dedicated microbial control agents is recommended for all closed systems to ensure comprehensive protection.

Corrosion Control Program