Membrane Biological Control

Non-Oxidizing Biological Control Chemicals

In reverse osmosis (RO) systems, microorganisms thrive, creating favorable conditions for their growth. Nero membrane biological control products, as non-oxidizing biocides, demonstrate high efficiency in minimizing bacterial growth and the accumulation of slime on various membrane types.

Nero Membrane Biological Control (MBC) products, are specifically designed for sanitizing RO and ultrafiltration (UF) systems and membranes. Primarily functioning as bactericides, they also have control over fungi and algae when utilized at higher dosages. Employing a treatment regimen incorporating products from both Nero antiscalants and MBC enhances membrane cleaning efficiency and reduces the frequency of cleaning in place.

Nero MBC products, serve the purpose of addressing slime penetration, high-efficiency film fill, intermittent feed, and process contamination concerns. These biocides are formulated using either isothiazoline or DBNPA (2,2-Dibromo-3-nitrilopropionamide) chemistries. All products are certified for compatibility with standard RO membranes, ensuring the breakdown processes result in harmless by-products.

Nero MBC Products Features & Benefits
  • Reduction in unscheduled downtime and operating costs.
  • Enhanced efficiency and reliability of production and supply.
  • Maximization of water recovery while maintaining high permeate quality.
  • Extension of membrane life with compatibility across most membrane types.
  • Effective sanitation of RO and other membrane water treatment systems.

Membrane Biological Control